Partnership Lancr

Partnership Lancr

Calling Guru ging een partnership aan met Lancr!

Lancr is een app die aanbiedingen die gewoonlijk enkel voor grote bedrijven gereserveerd zijn, samenbrengt en aanbiedt aan KMOs en freelancers.

Calling Guru werkt steeds met een transparante tariefstructuur: zowel bij kleine als grote volumes is de kostenstructuur steeds dezelfde en publiek. Zo is onderhandelen voor onze klanten niet nodig. We werken hier dan ook graag aan mee.

Hieronder de beschrijving van de dienstverlening van Calling Guru in de app.




Few people like to do it, even fewer know how to do it. But @ Calling Guru, we love the win of getting new leads for your business by the simple use of a phone.

Actually it’s a state-of-the art online calling guru software that lets you follow-up results in real time. It schedules new meetings right into your agenda… but you get the gist. We’re pretty good at it too, but you are the one who’ll get the applause!

Calling Guru offers the following outbound telemarketing services:

  • Cold Calling new prospects
  • Following up leads from your landing page
  • Mystery Calling
  • Payment reminders
  • Fixing sales meetings
  • Conducting surveys

We only charge for the work we do on your campaign: so you’re not paying for time waisted. Not that we would dare. You can get a quote in seconds on our website.

Lancr users that seek extra guidance and mentoring on their campaign, get extra mentoring  worth €60 on different performance enhancing topics, such as:

  • Scope of the campaign
  • Refinement of the target market
  • Refinement of the script
  • Refinement of product presentation and added value

The cost is deducted from the invoice when the campaign reaches 500 minutes of time called. This is ideal if you don’t have a marketing/sales department (yet!).

So let us pick up the phone for you, and make something happen!